SUZUKI 2016 SV650 V-Twin Fun And Excitement

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More Than Just An Easy Ride

The “SV” designation in the SV650 stands for many things: Sporty V-twin, Superior Value, Simple and Versatile. Yet, it quite simply is a concept that you actually experience rather than try to define. Loaded with capabilities and exuding personality, your daily commutes or weekend excursions on winding roads are an unforgettable ride.The SV650’s light weight and ultra-slim profile give you the confidence to take to the road.

What started in 1999 as a motorcycle built to deliver “V-Twin fun”, the Suzuki SV650 quickly became a rider’s phenomenon around the world. Not only was this universal motorcycle well-suited for urban roads but it was right at home on the racetrack too. Raising the “V-twin fun machine” performance even higher with latest Suzuki innovations, the SV650’s newest version now sets a higher standard.

The new SV650 is a rider’s go-anywhere dream machine.


Light Weight


With a remarkable weight of only 195kg*, the SV650 makes manoeuvring and handling a sheer joy. The benefits of making the motorcycle lightweight are multi-fold — more responsive acceleration, nimble handling and greater confidence in manoeuvring. Riders of all levels can take to the city or winding roads and experience unrestricted fun.
* ABS equipped model is 197kg


Slim Body


Achieving a slim body isn’t only about the motorcycle’s seat height. The SV650’s streamlined profile is the result of ergonomically shaped side covers and optimised seat design, which let you straddle the motorcycle with your feet on the ground comfortably while stopped and easily lean into and manage corners while riding.


Truss pipe frame

The truss is constructed of lightweight steel material that allows an overall slimmed down appearance while proudly emphasising the beauty of the robust V-twin engine.


Simplicity Means Freedom To Make It Yours

Thanks to its simple base design, a wide range of accessories are available for the SV650 everything from those that add functional convenience to exterior parts that impact the look and impression.

The shown accessory prototypes gives you an impression how your Motorcycle can look like.

SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION reserves the right to add any improvement to change the design or to discontinue any Suzuki Genuine Accessories at any time without notice.Some Suzuki Genuine Accessories might not be compatible with local standards or statutory requirements. Please check with your local AUTHORIZED SUZUKI DEALER for details at the time of ordering.

The simple base design of the SV650 is right at home on all roads — whether it’s a sprawling modern city or the suburban country side. Engineered to all riders, this motorcycle delivers an unforgettable experience with every ride you take now and a long way down the road. Take the keys, then take command of the excitement.

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